Charter vessel halibut anglers are allowed 2 halibut per day, 1 any size, and 1 under 28 inches in length.

Charter vessel halibut anglers are not subject to an annual limit on the number of halibut they retain.

Charter vessel anglers may catch and retain halibut on all days of the week except WED.

For your Seward charter trip, want to book a boat exclusively for your group?  Check out our reduced prices for fishing charters to buy out the boat.

Possible FUEL Surcharge. If gasoline prices are higher than $4.50 per gallon, we will have to add a charge equivalent to the difference in price over that, times the number of gallons, (normally 60 to 90) and divide by 6 seats. ie. $5.25 would be .75 X 80 gal. OR $10 per seat.


Seward Alaska halibut, salmon, rock fish and Ling cod fishing charters 

Halibut, Salmon and Multi-Species combination Fishing charters available in Seward, Alaska 

Check out my calendar, we book for a couple other boats. See you in 2022,  Thanks for your support, John

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