For your Seward charter trip, want to book a boat exclusively for your group?  Check out our reduced prices for fishing charters to buy out the boat.

Halibut, Salmon and Multi-Species combination Fishing charters available in Seward, Alaska 


Check out my calendar, for openings. See you soon,  Thanks for your support, John

Charter vessel halibut anglers are allowed 2 halibut per day, 1 any size, and 1 under 28 inches in length.

Charter vessel anglers may catch and retain halibut on all days of the week except WED., and 8 Tuesdays from June 15 to Aug 15.

Seward Alaska halibut, salmon, rock fish and Ling cod fishing charters 

Possible FUEL Surcharge. If gasoline prices are higher than $4.00 per gallon, we will have to add a charge of $10 per seat. From $4.51 to $5.00 a charge of $15 per seat, etc...

Need a Room? Call us at 907-224-5356 or email us. We have multi night and/or multi room stays available at $138.75 per night for 2 people or less. 4 total rooms available. Cash or check only.

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