All Rates include sales tax and Harbor user fees.  All prices are for groups up to 6 people per boat.

Book an exclusive charter fishing trip for your group.  Our boats, which can accommodate up to 6 people, guarantee your group the privacy and ability to have the entire boat for your fishing trip.

Exclusive Charter Fishing Trips

Exclusive Fishing charter trips

​Exclusive Fishing Trip Rates:

Halibut Fishing Trips Rates

​April 15-June 23                     $1465.50

June 23-Aug 25                      $1767.73

Aug 26- Oct 15                       $1465.50     

Full Day Salmon Fishing Trip Rates   

July 1-August 25                     $1667.73

Multi-Species Combo Charter Fishing Trip Rates

April 15-Jun 23                       $1667.73

July 1- Aug 25                        $1985.52

Aug 26-Oct 15                        $1667.73

Electric Reels    

For use on Halibut fishing trips       

only and the Halibut portion        $21.40

of Multi-Species Combo-

Available on Nauti-Girl only