Exclusive Charter Fishing Trips

Exclusive Fishing charter trips

Book an exclusive charter fishing trip for your group.  Our boats, which can accommodate up to 6 people, guarantee your group the privacy and ability to have the entire boat for your fishing trip.

All Rates include sales tax and Harbor user fees.  All prices are for groups up to 6 people per boat.

​Exclusive Fishing Trip Rates:

Halibut Fishing Trips Rates

​April 15-June 24                     $1465.50

June 25-Aug 24                      $1786.50

Aug 25- Oct 15                       $1465.50     

Full Day Salmon Fishing Trip Rates   

July 1-August 24                     $1786.50

Multi-Species Combo Charter Fishing Trip Rates

April 15-Jun 24                       $1786.50

July 1- Aug 24                        $2107.50

No Halibut Days                      $1786.50

Aug 25-Oct 15                        $1786.50

Electric Reels    

For use on Halibut fishing trips       

only and the Halibut portion        $25.00

of Multi-Species Combo-

2 are available.

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